Entre 16Hz et 20 kHz

les physiologistes s'accordent a dire que l'oreille humaine moyenne ne percoit les sons que dans une certaine plage de frequences situee environ (selon l'age, la culture, etc.), entre 16 Hz (en dessous les sons sont qualifies d'infrasons) et 20 kHz (au-dela les sons sont qualifies d'ultrasons puis d'hyperson au dessus de 1 GHz) (cf Wikipedia t'entends)

my.head - Faded EP →

My friend my.head has just released his first EP. Listen it, Like it, Enjoy it, Share it

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How To Dress Well - Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)

— 1 year ago

Dusky feat. Soloman - I’m Running (Synkro Remix)

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Borealis - Not Of This Reality

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- The next intro track.

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Burial - Unite

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In Motion - Make Your Own Riot

This track sounds like the dark vibes of Burial mixed with the clean, modern sounds of future garage. The emotive vocal samples work nicely with the synth layers. Free download here.

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sayCet - Chromatic Birds 

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Submerse - Give It Up

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Sei A - You Can Bring

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Hannah Wants & Lorenzo - None A Them

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Delta X - Let Me Know

A crisp new future garage production from Delta X, featuring some of the best pitched vocal cuts I’ve heard in a while. Great shuffling drums and a nice rumbling bassline on this one too.

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Massive Attack Vs Burial - Four Walls

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